How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Or Commit To A Strict Diet


The problem of obesity is one of the most common problems of our time, because of the lifeless lifestyle and work behind offices, computers and fast food. Exercise and commitment to a strict diet are the fastest way to lose weight, but it is a difficult road and many people can not afford it because of lack of time or lack of will. So we offer you some weight loss tips without going to a gym or committing to a diet.



  • Learn to cook, because you can prepare a variety of meals that allow you to use healthy ingredients such as vegetables and fruits during cooking, rather than just eating junk food or resorting to easy choices that cause obesity.
  • Eat more protein, because protein increases the feeling of satiety and delays hunger. You can do this by eating more eggs, chicken breast, milk, almonds, and other protein sources.
  • More than fiber, fiber is beneficial in many ways. It increases the feeling of satiety, slows digestion, increases absorption of nutrients in the intestines, and protects against constipation. This is because our body does not digest the fibers, but pass through the intestines to come up with stool. You can get fiber by eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and legumes.
  • Try probiotics, which are harmless bacteria that live in our intestines and provide us with many benefits, energy saving the walls of the intestine and liver cells, and provide some fatty acids anti-cancer, and regulate body weight. You can get this article from pharmacies, also available in some foods such as yogurt and pickled cabbage.
  • Get enough sleep. Nightly sleep for less than 6 hours increases your risk of obesity and weight gain. This is because disturbing sleep causes an imbalance in some of the body’s hormones, including hormones necessary for metabolism.
  • Tension is reduced. Stress and stress also cause hormonal disorders. Certain hormones, called glucocorticoids, increase the appetite and gain weight as they rise. Tension may also push towards so-called “emotional eating”, which means a person’s eating to improve his bad mood.
  • Eat more vitamin D. Some research suggests that people with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to be obese and exercise less, and lack of vitamin A is associated with many other health problems. You can get vitamin D through exposure to sunlight and eat some foods such as eggs, yogurt, mushrooms, and others.
  • Divide your food into several small meals. One experiment has shown that dividing the same meal into small meals gave a greater sense of satiety to the participants. So try dividing your daily meals into smaller, more numerous meals.
  • Use a smaller dish, because we usually tend to finish all the food we pour in our dishes, so be sure to choose a small dish or at least reduce the amount of food in it.
  • Beware of sugary beverages, such as sweetened juices and sugar-rich soft drinks. You can replace them with healthy alternatives such as water with mint and ginger, or tea types, or eating fresh fruit.
  • Make snacks more healthy, as research estimates that one-third of what we eat of energy a day comes from snacks snack, which is gradually increasing in size. So replace them with healthy choices such as yogurt, fruits, vegetables or unsalted nuts.
  • Eat your food well, this helps improve digestion, enhance the feeling of satiety, and make you enjoy your meal better.
  • Try conscious eating, which means you focus and watch while you eat, and stay away from distractions like TV or sitting in front of a computer. Sit at the dining table, taste your food well, and watch as soon as you feel full.
  • Eat your mother’s food. Our mothers know how to cook healthy and balanced food, so sit with your family and enjoy your mother’s healthy and tasty food, and do not forget to learn to cook on his roots.

Finally, these tips are lifestyle adjustments that help you adjust your weight, avoid obesity and lose weight slightly, but you will get better results and faster weight loss if you follow a diet and exercise regularly.