Musculoskeletal Fitness


Musculoskeletal health is comprised of three elements: flexibility, muscular energy, and muscular endurance.


1. Flexibility is outlined because of the purposeful capability of the joints to maneuver by means of a full vary of motion. Flexibility is particular to every joint of the physique. Muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons largely decide the quantity of motion doable at every joint. Frequent flexibility workout routines embody touching the ground with the fingers whereas the legs are almost straight, or spreading the legs far out to the facet whereas sitting. Chapter 6 will clarify learn how to take a look at for flexibility, and discover the advantages.

2. Muscular energy is the maximal one-effort drive that may be exerted towards a resistance.

It’s the absolute most quantity of drive that one can generate in a Remote motion of a single muscle group. The stronger the person, the larger the quantity of drive that she or he can generate. Frequent muscular energy workout routines embody weight lifting with heavy weights. Chapters 6 and seven will talk about learn how to take a look at and develop muscular energy.

three. Muscular endurance is outlined as the power of the muscle tissue to use a submaximal drive
repeatedly or to maintain a muscular contraction for a sure time period. Frequent muscle endurance workout routines are sit-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, or repetitions of lifting weights.