Is there a connection between nutrition and mental health


what extent does nutrition influence psychological health? We know more and more about the health of the intestines in relation to the psyche. In other words, how the intestines work influences how we feel!



And how healthy your intestines are, is largely due to your diet. Healthy food with lots of vegetables and fiber has a good effect on your intestinal flora. And therefore also on your mental health! It may sound strange, but there is increasing evidence that the influence of intestines on your brain is very large.

Unhealthy food, especially all kinds of processed foods, such as cakes, chips, licorice, etc., can have a negative effect on your intestinal flora. Sometimes you are allergic and then those specific foods can also affect your gut flora. Such as a gluten allergy in celiac disease. A poor intestinal function has consequences for your health and your moods. It can even cause mental health problems in some people.

A popular book that elaborates on this is The beautiful food machine (read our book report ).

Vitamins and your psyche

Healthy food is, therefore, necessary to feel good about yourself. In addition, there are nutrients that are very good for your brain, for example for your memory. Such as eating walnuts. There are more and more studies showing that certain vitamins also have a major impact on your psychological health. This mainly concerns vitamin D and vitamin B12. If you have a deficiency, then it may be that your psychological health suffers.

Vitamin D

  • It appears that people with psychosis have on average lower vitamin D blood values ​​than the average in healthy people. 1
  • A low vitamin D content leads rather to depressive symptoms. 2
  • Vitamin D appears to have a beneficial effect in the treatment of addictions. 3

Vitamin D is mainly found in fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and tuna. But cheese and egg yolk also contain vitamin D. It is very important to be outside. Certainly early in the afternoon. Because sunlight produces vitamin D naturally.

Vitamin B12

  • Various neuropsychiatric disorders with vitamin B12 deficiency. 4
  • The link between vitamin B12 deficiency and depression? 5

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products such as meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. Vegans are therefore at risk of not getting enough vitamin B12 if they do not opt ​​for alternatives. Think of legumes and nuts.

Nutrition or supplements are the solutions?

Will taking a healthy diet to solve everything? No, although many people often feel better if they eat healthily. Both physically and mentally. If someone has depression, you are usually in a negative spiral. Then more is needed than just food. At Psychologist Netherlands they, therefore, insist on fast professional guidance for people with depression. Waiting lists that are too long will only make the complaints worse.

Eating disorders can also be treated by a psychologist. Patrick van der Hilst is a psychologist in Almere and has already helped various people with eating disorders, such as disorders such as bulimia. Eating disorders can lead to a lack of nutrients and this keeps or even worsens the mental eating disorder. Van der Hilst indicates that you will receive the right treatment from a psychologist in order to regain a healthy diet.

Healthy eating pattern

A healthy eating pattern is therefore not only good for your physical health but also your mental health. The expectation is that in the coming years more attention will be paid to the role of nutrition in diseases and mental disorders. Of course, we also keep a close eye on this!