From candy to oranges : 11 products that harm the teeth


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Teeth are harmed not only by sweets. So that they are smooth, white and healthy, you will have to limit yourself in the use of other products.
We know that sweets are harmful to teeth. If there is tooth decay, then eat too much candy, as mom used to say in childhood. But harm to teeth is far from being alone. There are some generally better products to dispense with if you want to have strong white teeth and these are not candy.

Coffee :

The strongest tooth-staining product. Coffee stains do not go away even after professional tooth brushing, a light tone can still remain. It is generally better to drink coffee and beverages based on it through a straw so that the teeth can contact the dye as little as possible. In addition, coffee is often drunk sweet, and a large amount of carbohydrates for the teeth is really harmful.

Soda :

Cola and other sweet drinks are very harmful. They have a lot of sugar and acid. They can affect the enamel, increase its sensitivity, permeability. Especially if you forget to brush your teeth, eat sweets, and then “polish” on top with soda: this is a great test for enamel.

Buns :

Carbohydrates, sugar, white flour – all this is harmful to the teeth. Bakery products generally have a soft fibrous structure and begin to immediately adhere to the teeth. Subsequently, the stuck pieces can form a tartar, under which caries will begin to develop.

Alcohol :

Sugar, dyes, fast carbohydrates, as mentioned above, affect the teeth negatively. Alcohol carries another danger: dehydration and, as a result, lack of saliva. And this, in turn, is dangerous by the development of caries and the destruction of tooth enamel, because saliva washes our teeth and protects them from the effects of harmful substances and acidic environment. So it is not surprising that the teeth begin to quickly deteriorate among those who abuse alcohol.

Cranberries, cherries, raspberries :

Cranberries, cherries, raspberries – red garden and wild berries are considered Russian superfoods. They bring great benefits to the body, regulate pressure, support the immune system, even have a positive effect on metabolism and help to lose weight. But there is also a harmful effect: there is too much acid and red coloring pigment in red berries. They stain teeth and corrode enamel, making it more sensitive.
So you need to eat red berries wisely, rinse the mouth thoroughly after them, and it is better to drink juices and fruit drinks through a straw.
Wine :
Red wine is a universally recognized pest, but white is not harmless either. It contains many acids that spoil the enamel and can cause the formation of caries. And red, in addition to acid, also leaves stains on the teeth.

Rosehip :

Dried rosehip contains a huge amount of vitamin C, much more than cranberries or lemons. But at the same time its broth darkens the teeth, and the acid contained in the berries, eats away enamel.

Pineapple :

This exotic fruit is also very sour, so it is not recommended to eat it often or drink its juice, it can increase tooth sensitivity. But there is good news: pineapple does not stain teeth.

Dried fruits :

Dried fruits are harmful not only for their sweetness, but also because they contain large amounts of carbohydrates. They often get stuck between their teeth, which can be dangerous for enamel. And some dried fruits are quite sticky. They can contribute to the formation of tartar if you brush your teeth irregularly.

Citrus :

Unusually useful oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits can greatly damage the enamel with its sour juice. If you eat a lot of oranges, the acidity in the mouth will increase, which is quite harmful to the teeth. If you still use whitening paste, then in combination with acid, it can greatly increase the sensitivity of teeth. Very acidic environment makes the enamel permeable, the sensitivity of the teeth increases. So if you feel that your teeth began to react strongly to hot and cold, then reduce the consumption of oranges and drink citrus juice through a straw.

Marinades and salad dressings :

The enemy of the teeth is vinegar. And his canned food contains a lot. So be careful with homemade pickled cucumbers. However, be careful and with salad dressing, usually for it is an emulsion of oil and the same vinegar.


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